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The role of the HC is to keep all four buildings running as smoothly as we can, winter and summer. To get the ski season underway, we order the bulk food stores for delivery on ‘truck weekend’ work party in April and employ the cooks. We ‘install’ them prior to the July school holidays and then hope like crazy that nothing goes wrong during the season. The food budget is set and while the cooks’ are trusted to keep to it, we oversee the spending.

At the end of the season, reviews are undertaken to sort out where we may make improvements. During November/December, stocktakes are done on foodstuffs and all the other things that are needed to run the building – cutlery (forks and teaspoons walk like you wouldn’t believe), crockery, glassware, equipment that may have broken (three vacuum cleaners this season)…….

Along with this is an appraisal of the bedlinen. All of it is stripped and sent for cleaning, but wear and tear is also taken note of so that replacements may be purchased. We have 169 beds over the four buildings, so this can be significant spending and it is usually rotated around the buildings. Keeping stocks of toilet paper, soap, detergent and rubbish bags plentiful winter and summer can be a challenge. We use over 1000 kleensaks a year and approximately 2500 rolls of toilet paper just on the Whakapapa side.

We are currently assessing the state of the dining chairs, lounge chairs and mattresses as some are showing some wear and tear. Obviously, the state of the club’s finances will govern how tatty we get before repair / replacement.

The House Committee job  essentially keeps going, the end of the ski season is just the start of planning for the next one. We value the feedback of members, please let us know if you think something can be done better or differently.