Our Snow squads are now fully integrated into the RAL Academy program.

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Snow Squad Trophies

  • Presented by Marion Quinn (1995)  (Trophy originally donated by T.W. Mitchell 1937 as Ngauruhoe Cup)
  • Awarded to most improved RSC Snow Squad member who is aged under 13 years old on 1st July.
  • Mike Quinn was an RSC Committee member and his wife Marion was a prominent member.
  • Tom Mitchell was an Australian skier who won the NZ championship several times.
  • Currently held by Emily Moffat
The Ngauruhoe Cup is the oldest of the original Ruapehu trophy races,first held in 1937 by the Ruapehu Ski Club.
The Ngauruhoe cup consisted of a ‘straight’ race (downhill) and slalom open to all amateur skiers who had not been placed 1st or 2nd in the national championship.
The Ngauruhoe Dup has now been held for over 60 years and recently has been run by the Ngauruhoe Ski Club - however the original cup is still held by RSC and remained as above..


  • Presented by Barry Winter (1996).  (Trophy originally donated by Sir Willoughby and Lady Norrie 1954)
  • Awarded to most improved  RSC Snow Squad member who is aged under 16 years old on 1st July.
  • Sir Willoughby was Governor-General in the 1950s and his children skied with RSC.
  • Barry Winter was Vice-President in 1989-92 and a prominent Club organiser. 
  • His son Jason was a prominent member who was tragically killed in Tasmania in 1996.
  • Currently held by Emily Davidson