New Members and their Sponsors

New members need to do two work-parties, with their sponsors attending at least one of these with them. A member’s role as sponsor is to act as a personal host introducing your nominees to the Club, its buildings and how they work, and to other club members.

School Holiday Bookings

There is a requirement to do a work-party to be in the first ballot for September School Holiday bookings. Priority will no longer be given to people who missed out in the previous year. Instead to be eligible for the first ballot you must do a work party.

While working parties are a requirement for new members and school holiday first ballot, they are also part of the life-blood of the club, and we need your ongoing support at them. Not only do we get a lot of jobs done at them that the club would otherwise struggle with or not be able to get done at all, but we all have a lot of fun as well. So even if you’re not introducing new members to the club, or wanting to come down in school holidays, why not join us one weekend? We’d love to see you down on the mountain this summer!

While everyone on the work parties makes a huge contribution, we are very keen to have people with good building and carpentry skills attend, as we have a lot of jobs needing these skill-sets.