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New members need to attend two work parties, with their sponsors attending at least one of these with them. A member’s role as sponsor is to act as a personal host introducing your nominees to the Club, our buildings, and to other club members.

While working parties are a requirement for new members and school holiday first ballot, they are also part of the life-blood of the club, and we need your ongoing support at them. Not only do we get a lot of jobs done at them that the club would otherwise struggle with or not be able to get done at all, but we all have a lot of fun as well. So even if you’re not introducing new members to the club, or wanting to come down in school holidays, why not join us one weekend?  We’d love to see you down on the mountain this summer!

There is no accommodation cost for the work parties - you just need to bring some food - we provide the list of food required. 

We will be in touch the week before the work party to let you where the work party will be - so you know which building to go to!

Please fill out the form below to give us the information required. 

Work Party Signup

New members ( and those doing workparties deferred for a year under provisional membership offers) need to attend two work parties.

Select two dates by holding the CTRL key while selecting your dates from the box below.

Details of Person Making the booking

The following relates to the person making the work party booking.

It is best if you provide a mobile phone number so we can contact you with late information, including on the Friday night or Saturday morning of the workparty

Work Party Attendees
Attendee Name Age Membership Status Reason for Attending?



After submitting you will recieve via email the food list, which you will need to bring to the mountain. 

  • Those with special dietary needs must contact the office before the work-party.
  • Don’t forget to bring extras (crackers, cheese, dips etc) for pre-dinner snacks
  • The Club provides tea, (instant) coffee, sugar, milo, breakfast cereals, margarine and soup (for lunch). 
  • Those staying Friday night self-cater

See you at the mountain!