The RSC Hut is situated 40 metres uphill from the Lodge at an altitude of 1780 meters, so it is 80 metres from the top of the first chairlift, with an easy downhill ski or board from the front door down to the second chairlift.

The Hut sleeps 32 in bunkrooms of eight bunks, and has an in-house cook (July-Oct). All accommodation and living areas are on the one level.

The basement area houses an area to store skis and boards, lockers, the drying room and supply stores.

There is no TV but it does have a pool table, ideal for teenagers staying in both Hut and Lodge.

The Hut's smaller size provides a warm and friendly environment and it is popular with members looking for a quieter stay.

This building is L-shaped with the lounge/kitchen as one wing and the bunkrooms as the other wing.

It was built in 1960 with materials coming up from road-end by tractor (there was a chairlift by then but it was broken down at the time).

The lounge sits on the site of a previous Hut which was built in 1936 with 24 bunks.

Like the Lodge, the building is fully electric and everyone in residence does a daily rostered duty.

A member is designated by the Club as leader for each night, and he/she makes up the roster.


Four bunk rooms with 32 single beds. Lounge, pool table, games area, open fire, wax and drying rooms, and winter live-in cook providing all meals. Only open during the ski season.


Here's a Google map of Hutt Flat, showing the Hut, the Lodge and Glacier Hut: